Hi all, today I would like to share about the major rodent pests and a quick field identification for NORWAY RAT (Rattus norvegicus), HOUSE MOUSE (Mus musculus) and ROOF RAT (Rattus rattus) as per below.

So, below are the three most common types of rodent pests in Malaysia which are:

A. NORWAY RAT (Rattus norvegicus)

  • Up to 450g
  • Usually found in built-up areas
  • Active at or below ground
  • Range up to 50 meters
  • Dig burrows
  • Omnivorous- eating 20-30g/day meat, cereals, fish, etc.
  • Need access to water
  • Originated: Mongolia

B. HOUSE MOUSE (Mus musculus)

  • Up to 260g
  • Usually found in urban and rural areas
  • Likes to climb (but will sometimes burrow)
  • Nests in buildings and amongst vegetation
  • Range up to 50 meters
  • Omnivorous/vegetation-20-50g /day of vegetables, cereals, fruits, etc.
  • Originated: South East Asia

C. ROOF RAT (Rattus rattus)

With such information, it is actually can help us to develop rodent control strategy based on the type of rodent species we are dealing with. In the next entry, I will share with you the best rodent control strategy to tackle your rodents’ problem. STAY TUNEDDDDD! If you wish to know further about what are the habits and behavior of rodents, please hit this link

Puan Azureen Rafiee
(Entomologist/Field Biologist) at Sanicare Hygiene Services Sdn Bhd

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