Mat Rental Services(MRS)- Creative solutions for cleaner, safer, more beautiful spaces and delivers an outstanding customer experience every step of the way.

Mat Rental Services (MRS) is your first primary defense against the dirt, grit, and water that cause premature wear and damage to your floors. A functional entrance matting system helps to greatly reduce the amount of soil coming in contact with your flooring.

Why use Mat Rental Service(MRS)?

We always relate the use of MRS with their aesthetic appeal, greater than that is MRS will greatly improve our indoor air quality. The soles of shoes are the primary way toxic chemicals are transported into our building. Think about where you walked today on your way to work-through the parking lot over oil and automotive fluids, or down the sidewalk over pesticides and shoes!.We need a good quality and fully functional entrance MRS to scraps and traps these contaminants.

But your mats aren’t magic – they need to be emptied of contaminants through proper cleaning and maintenance so that they can keep working hard for you!

Proper Facility is essential for high quality MRS.

Why do we need to spend on mat maintenance?

Floor mat is very expensive. It can cost you about RM15 per square feet and it needs to be well maintained according to manufacturer recommendation. Product lifespan can drastically impact the success and profitability of your business. Basically floor mat can last up to 7 years with proper and regular maintenance.

A single square feet of carpet can gather a pound of dirt and dust in a week, and double that amount in bad weather.  About 70-80 percent of dust, filth, and mud in any building are carried by shoes from outside, and damage they cause to carpets and hard floors is permanent (and usually not covered under your flooring’s manufacturer’s warranty!).

In the absence of effective MRS at your building’s entrance, a mere 1500 people can cause significant damage to 42% of the floor’s finish!  A well-maintained mat will not only save money you would have spent on labor to clean the entire building’s flooring, but also protects the floor’s finish and appearance. The situation will become worse when we install floor mat in high traffic area such as shopping mall’s entrance and factory’s production area. The lifespan of your floor mat will be affected significantly. You must be smart enough to propose comprehensive service schedule on your MRS to your customer.

How else does MRS help?

Slipping, tripping and falling are a major reasons of injuries on the job. Customer liability can be even riskier.  If your building is open to and accessible by the public, you also have to consider your liability to the general public who may sustain injuries due to slipping and falling on a wet or slippery floor.

Well-maintained, effective entrance mats can help limit your liability and save you the worry of all the extra cleaning chemicals, mops, brooms, carpet extractors, caution signs, and labor for cleaning the building’s floors without matting.

On top of that, numerous type of MRS can help you to enhance your company’s corporate image when you place it on the floor or in some occasions it can be place to your wall.

Logo and Promo mat

State-of-the-art Jet-Print technology for a great first impression.

This custom printed logo mat performs two functions simultaneously…

Vivid, bright coloured logos and graphics make it an excellent eye-catcher, great for promotional use and placement at the point of purchase.

It also performs perfectly as a dust control mat making it ideal for business entrances and reception areas. A true champion of mats for the professional service industry.

With a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects and utilising the latest colour-fast printing technology, the Jet-Print mat will look as good as new through many wash cycles and the most vigorous of daily foot traffic.

Why choose Jet-Print?

  • Custom designs
  • Stops dirt and moisture
  • Durable nylon surface
  • Slip resistant nitrile rubber backing
  • 5 year warranty when professionally maintained

Water-Horse Mat:The mat with the impeccable water retention capacity.

It is good to have floor mat that serves as multipurpose stopper at the door entrance at your premises. Not only to stop the dust and dirt to enter your office but also to deal with water from passing shoes for booth indoor and outdoor use.

The Water-Horse containment border can hold up to 4.5 litres of water per square metre and the embossed waffle design cleans dirt from shoe soles and guarantees excellent skid resistance. The Water-Horse surface is 100% Polypropylene and therefore fade proof and rot proof. The extra weight of the mat also means it will remain stable even in windy outdoor conditions.

Mat backing is 100% rubber ensuring the mat lies flat and securely on the floor, is more slip resistant plus the rubber borders do not curl due to cold weather. The ramp border of the mat reduces the danger of stumbling and the rubber flexibility insures the borders will not tear. This results in high durability and provides you with lasting performance and appearance.

Buy or rent?

The answer is RENT. Floor mat is expensive if you choose to buy and service it on your own without proper equipment. The idea of having MRS in your esteemed organisation or your home is to enhance corporate image as well as to keep your place clean and hygiene standard is followed accordingly.

Lifespan of floor mat suffice to keep your maintenance cost low and to help your company improve its profitability on the long run. Do not waste your resources by having this products in your inventory list. Mat Rental Service is proven business strategy that will benefit you as a customer and to keep the environment clean and hygiene all the time.


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