Why People Buy?


Are you a salesperson? You desperately need people to buy from you?. Of course, you are. So, what do you think of why people are buying from you and not from your competitors?.

Each prospect you meet is facing one of the three situations regarding your product or services.

  1. He has a clear problem or need and he knows exactly what it is.
  2. He has a problem or needs, BUT he is not sure whether his problem can be solved by your product or service.
  3. He has no need of what you are selling. In other words, he doesn’t care about you and your product or service.
Sales Manager

So. Why do people buy? Why don’t they buy? Why do people do any of the things they do?. Do you have the answer?.  Luckily, we are a human being ourselves, we have inside information. We have an excellent reference source from which to pick. We can compare our behaviors with those of our customers and we will find that they are very similar, given similar situations. Why? Because we are human beings and customers also human beings just like us.

“In its simple terms, people buy to ALLEVIATE DISSATISFACTION.”- Brian Tracy

The primary motivator of all human behavior is the desire to be better off. But if your prospect does not feel that he or she will be better off as the result of taking action, he or she will not do anything at all. They will offer you excuses such as:

“pass your brochures at the guard house’

“Leave your material with me and let me think about it”

“Let me discuss with my partner and get back to you soon”

In the other words ” Goodbye, I’m not convinced that I’d be better off which your product or services”. 

We must always present our product or services as an improvement on what the prospect is doing at the moment. People do not like CHANGE. They hate CHANGE. They FEAR it.


People will avoid change at all costs, everyone is interested in being better off, or improvement of some kind.

“People don’t want to be sold. But they love to buy”

Talking about improvement or to alleviate dissatisfaction, the words “new,” “better,” and “improved,” are among the most powerful word we can use in the selling of any product or service.

A good salesperson will always have better words to use in his quest to close the deal at all possibilities. We must be well prepared in every aspect before we meet and present our product and services. Remember! The customer is King.  Whether we like it or not. That is the fact. The customer is always right, based on their current information, on his or her perception of the appropriateness of your product and service to improve his or her condition.

There is an ABC Theory to explain human motivation. The theory says that all human motivation is based on antecedents, behavior, and consequences.  

The theory that explains human motivation
  • Customers act based on their antecedents-their previous experiences and their current situation
  • They engage in behaviors to achieve certain consequences, usually an alleviation of dissatisfaction or improvement in condition.
  • The consequences are the result of the buying decision.
  • The ABC approach is helpful in designing our sales presentation.
  • In terms of motivation, antecedents represent about 15% of the reasons people buy or do things. The consequences, represent 85% of the reason why a customer buys.

The more our presentation focuses on how much better off the prospect wil be when he is using our product and service, the greater motivational impact our words will have.

To cut it short:

“Top salesperson talk about what it does, while average salesperson will talk about what it is”

People buy the consequences they expect from owning and using your product or services

“Prospect do not buy the features of your product or service, they purchase the improvement that they anticipate enjoying in thyeir live and work as the result of those features.


For instance,

  • People do not buy life insurance. They buy the feeling of security that will enjoy knowing that their loved ones are properly provided if something bad happen to them.
  • People do not buy computers. They buy the increased efficiency that enables them and others to get their job done faster and greater accuracy.
  • People don’t hire a Pest Control Company. They just want to ensure they can leave in their own property in the peace of mind. No termite. No rat. No bed bug.

If we as a salesman can put our hearts and mind towards customer delight and give our best shot to educate and convince them, we can sell anything under the sky.












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